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Feb 11, 2009
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This is a response to the new article by Dr. David Sundwall, on the front page of the website.

As a medical student, I would like to see two things addressed when this health care reform occurs to protect ME. Listen, I want to be a healthcare provider for the rewarding patient-care experiences as well, but I want my interests protected. I’m human, and am going to be going through YEARS of training and debt to SERVE people. I feel I’m entitled.

(a) Address the problem of malpractice insurance costs. If doctor’s salaries in the subspecialties (neurosurgery, orthopedics being of chief concern) are going to be lowered, then their malpractice costs simply can’t remain the same.

(b) If the gov’t wants to take over healthcare, then at least partially take over my loans for medical school. It seems unfair to our generation of new doctors that we are going to be paying the highest medical school prices and making the lowest salaries.

They need not only address these problems because of ME. Not only because I am selfish and want a nice car and home. They need to because if they don’t then gradually less and less people are going to be compelled to go into specialties and medicine and general, and that would cause shortages that would create other uglier problems. Forget ever getting an MRI when you need it, and that kidney transplant that will save your life if you get it before the end of the month. The government doesn’t have enough to ration out to the entire population.

I don’t consider myself a republican because of many of their social policies, but when it comes to economy they have the right ideas. The solution is not to put control of the system in government hands! It is to re-examine the way in which we control costs. It is possible to do this without the beaurocratic two-headed monster of the American government. The solution lies within the costs being set by pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Regulation by government without government takeover. Obama, take advice from what you are doing on Wall st. You can regulate the free market from your oval office!


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Mar 18, 2009
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regarding Dr.Sundwall:
I also detest all these older doctors talking about health care. I hate it when they throw phrases like "the rewarding patient-care experience" in our faces. Its not like we are greedy, at least I know I am not. However, a 150k+ loan scares the crap out of me and it almost makes me feel as if we are being punished for setting such lofty goals for our selves. You were on the money when you said that it seems like our generation of physicians probably got the worst deal i.e. extremely huge indebtedness (dude to rising tuition costs).

regarding politics:
I don't give a crap about politics. both parties are ridiculous in my opinion. But from past experience I think the best situation is if a democrat is a president and the republicans have a majority in the legislature.


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Oct 2, 2005
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regarding Dr.Sundwall:
I also detest all these older doctors talking about health care...
Amen brother. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years -- all of these old fat cats, who practiced through the golden years of medicine, when reimbursements were high and regulations were low. It runs all over me that they have the audacity to preach to those who incurred greater debt, assume greater financial risk, enjoy less prestige and respect, and face a bleak government run mandate heavy future. They can collectively kiss my ass -- they who raped the system and left in their wake a trail of destruction reminiscent of Sherman's March to the Sea...
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