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Jun 7, 2006
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I took my second topscore exam today and got the following scores:
Bio:16, Chem:16, O. Chem:17, PAT:20, QR:19, RC:22, AA: 18, TS:17

My first topscore exam I got the following scores:
Bio:16, Chem:16, O. Chem:14, PAT:20, QR:18, RC:21 AA:17, TS:16

So I haven't really improved biology and chemistry, but I am making strides otherwise. Eevilution and some of the taxonomy is killing me. In chemistry I need to work on solubility, Ka, Kb etc. Let me know what yall think or if yall have any advice.


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Aug 24, 2005
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i am doing little bit better than you. i got 19s in chem, but i got 16s in bio after memorizing the first few chapter. i was very familiar with the bio sections, so if i take it after memorizing the whole book i can get higher than a 20. i took one pat and got 19, but i didn't take the other tests yet. study more bio and chem. your chem score few points lower than mine, so try doing more kaplan practice tests.
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