Retake or not to retake?

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Jun 17, 2004
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Just would like some opinions on my situation...I am a Vanderbilt Student with a 3.7 cumulative, 3.6 science. I just got a 28R on the MCAT with a split of 10 physical 9 bio and 9 verbal. What do you all think. I was practicing a bit higher on the biological section and was a bit disappointed with my score there. But the other two sections are pretty accurate.

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I really like to think that people will have a ballpark idea where they should score by their practice tests. If you have done considerably better on the practice tests, and you want some high level schools, then retake. If you have been getting 26-30 consistently, I don't know how much improvement you'll actually see. Remember, you risk scoring lower when you retake. You've got a good GPA from a great school.

If I'm you, I stick with it and apply.

one other thing...I am from NY so I have a whole bunch of schools to apply to within the state. obviously i will not be competitive at cornell, columbia, etc. but I should be ok at most other places...with all things considered, i have great experiences and my recs should be i am leaning towards not retaking cause i feel that if i dont go up to the mid 30s with 2 more months of studying it almost looks worst than not taking it again at all
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only retake if you are very sure you will improve, otherwise the gamble won't be worth it. If you only improve a point, its not worth it either.
I think you're right. Unless you absolutely know that you will get over 30, it's not worth considering.