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Feb 10, 2002
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27 (10V, 8B, 9P) Writing 0
GPA: 3.9 (science and non-science)

prefer to get accepted at state school (NJ schools) or low tier.

Would you retake??

Doctora Foxy

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Jan 28, 2002
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I would not retake

I remember people getting into NJ schools with MCAT scores below 30 last year

<a href=";f=1;t=007975;p=4#000079" target="_blank">See this thread: Accepted with MCATS under 30</a>

If everything else in your application is good, you have a shot of getting in if you apply ASAP. I had a 27 and a lower GPA than you, but I applied LATE (Oct) and it decreased my options.


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Mar 21, 2002
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Are u a NJ res? I'll be applying there next yr. Tehcnically, I'm a NYC resident, but I grew up in NJ and I've heard they've become much more lenient towards out of staters, esp. those with close ties to the state. BTW, UMDNJ-RWJ is in the top 50 for top primary care schools. A former classmate went there and she told me that they match very well in that area if that is what you are interested in. Good luck!


Street Philosopher

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Aug 10, 2000
ann arbor
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You might be able to get in with that score. However, a higher score will make it easier. Retake if you think you can improve significantly (that includes better approach to studying, having time to study, etc). If it was me, I would retake after getting 10,8,9.
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