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Retake Question


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Sep 20, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
So I'm planning out which courses I'll be taking for a DIY post-bacc and I have a question about a retake. I took Biochem summer between sophomore and junior year and got a C+, mainly because I was having personal issues that made studying difficult yada yada. I know the consensus is to not retake >C-, but I really don't feel like I learned much from the class (I took a few UD bio classes that required biochem and anytime biochem content came up I was kinda lost). I want to make sure I have a strong base for the MCAT so I was thinking of a few options I have:

a. Take biochem at a different university - the main difference here is that it's a 5 credit class with lab versus the 3 credit no lab class I took.
b. Take a two semester biochem sequence + lab (at another university)
c. Audit biochem - I wouldn't be able to get tuition reimbursement from my job.
d. Just study biochem on my own and hope & pray

I was leaning towards doing b. as I could do a second degree in biochem from the school I was looking at. The one major concern I could see is that the biochem I took might transfer as the biochem I in the sequence and cause some issues with retaking.
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