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Nov 18, 2010
Hi everyone!

I'm kinda new here so I'm still figuring things out, so sorry if this has already been posted!

I'm planning to apply next year but my science gpa right now is below a 2.5 (only a 2.4), w/ a cum. gpa of 3.1 (b/c of my minor). At this point I might now even be able to apply next year b/c I know most schools have a cut off at 2.5

I still have a year's worth of classes to take b/c I'm only a senior in college. My question is should I take random easy science courses (guaranteed A's) to hopefully boost my science gpa to a 2.4 or retake some of my prereq like ochem, mimg, etc. (which may not be a guaranteed A)? Would taking easy science courses look unfavorable? The only reason I'm only considering the easy science classes (astro, mimg for nonmajors, etc.) is to get my science gpa to at least a 2.5

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!!


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Apr 21, 2009
I would take those "easy" science courses to ensure that you can meet the minimum GPA to even apply. There's no point in re-taking if you can't meet minimum standards in the long run of things.

However, I would look into re-taking some core science classes if your grades were low in all of them... just to prove that you can handle those classes now and do well in them, & then add in some upper levels just to reinforce that you can handle the rigors of pharmacy school in the future.