Retaking Course / Grade Readjustment / Unique Situation

Sep 9, 2010

I apologize if it has been asked before but I really did try to search the forum beforehand and look through many threads.

I did poorly in a biochemistry course and I am looking to do a retake for a grade replacement.

However; my school offers three different kinds of biochemistry.

A.) Biochem 305 - Undergrad biochemistry
B.) Biochem 415 - Undergrad biochemistry
C.) Biochem 515 - Grad biochemistry although class is shared with 415

*There is really not much difference between 305 and 415 other than they count towards different concentrations but they are different courses.

I took option A. However; I intend to retake B or C. Does it matter if I take the grad version?

Will I get the grade replacement even though its a different class although pretty much the same? If I take B instead of A again?

Also, when I took option A, it was 4 credits. Now though, all the biochem classes are only 3 credits including 305 (The one I took initially)


Sorry if its a bit confusing
Sep 19, 2009
From experience here...

I utilized the grade replacement with AACOMAS. For my situation, it was the course titles that mattered, not the course numbers. If the titles match you shouldn't have a problem (I retook classes from a different college).

Your 515 course will likely not replace your earlier 305 though as its grad vs. undergrad. The 415 might if they are both listed in the course catalog the same (or similar).

I don't work for AACOMAS though and I think it would be a good phone call to make if you have the AACOMAS completed. Whatever they say... get it in writing (email).

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Jun 25, 2010
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As asinine as this might sound, I think you need to retake somewhere else. AACOMAS' policy is that a retake must have the same, or more credits, as the previous class. If these ones only have three, and your original had four, even retaking the old class, which was at 4 but is now at 3 credits, might not transfer over.
Sep 9, 2010
Thanks for the information.

The situation really is a bit odd and I have tried emailing some schools to ask. Other than schools, is there a general aacom emailing I can ask? I looked on their site and do not see much as to where I could ask this question

Thanks again!