Aug 19, 2015
Hi all,

Non-trad student here. I've been doing a DIYS post-bac and am trying to decide whether to retake the first semester of organic chemistry. I got a B+ in it as an undergrad, and reading through the forum I see that it seems to most people to be a waste of time to retake with this high a grade, but a few factors make it seem to me that I perhaps should:

1.) I took it in Fall 2006; aside from having forgotten all the material (which I'll have to relearn anyways for the MCAT), I've read on several admissions sites that prereqs must be taken more recently than this.

2.) I didn't take the lab in 2006, so if I didn't retake the lecture course I would still have to take the lab course next semester without the lecture. I'm guessing this would make understanding the lab more difficult but am happy to be told otherwise by someone who knows better.

3.) I plan to take the second semester of Ochem and worry that not remembering anything from the first semester that I took 10 years ago will put me at a disadvantage.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

EDIT: To be clear, I have only taken the first semester of Ochem previously
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Sep 16, 2013
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I was in a similar position. I took the orgo 1 and 2 lectures (A- in both) as an undergrad, and decided to retake the courses (with the lab included) as a post-bacc. IMO, it's advantageous to have the material fresh in your mind for the lab and organic 2. Additionally, it can help with biochem. Just do your best to avoid the insanely difficult professors. Good luck!
Dec 15, 2014
Ilex Forest
1.) If admission sites state this, and you are interested in your schools, follow their advice and retake. I see your point. here is an excerpt from University of Mississippi.

"There is no time limit on the validity of a baccalaureate degree; however, the Admissions Committee has concerns when prerequisite courses have been taken 10 or more years ago"

2.) the lab is not paired up with lecture from what i have seen of my university and other ones my friends have taken. Sometimes you might explore a reaction on the same week, but thats it. Orgo lab was more learning techniques of extraction, separation, purification. Which usually dont show up in the lecture other than in small theory that rarely gets tested on.

3.) Orgo 2 is a whole new ball game but everything still applies. Several times during orgo II my professor told people to go back and relearn Orgo I stuff.
While u might be at a disadvantage with orgo II, u will be at an advantage with Orgo I.

I say retake considering the admission committees clearly have these types of statements up on a website. Orgo is now a small portion on the new mcat, more emphasis is on biochem btw. just make sure you get an A.


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May 5, 2015
I don't think its a problem to re-take. Just check the undergrad school policies; my school won't let anybody retake a B- or higher even if they got that grade in a different university.
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