Retook DAT, should I be concerned? QR down significantly

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Jun 5, 2020
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So I ended up doing a retake and was expecting to do a lot better than how it went. I actually ending up getting the exact same AA and TS. My main reason for retaking was to get my QR but it ended up going down. Concerned this will be a serious red flag for schools as it looks like a downward trend.

My scores on my first attempt were:
PAT: 20
RC: 20
QR: 16
BIO: 18
GC: 20
OC: 21
AA: 19

My second attempt scores:
PAT: 20
RC: 19
QR: 14
BIO: 18
GC: 22
OC: 20
AA: 19

I have around a 3.7 overall GPA with around 160 shadowing hours and pretty solid EC (and personal statement in my opinion). Should I be worried for applying to schools such as Tufts, BU, MWU, LECOM (around that caliber of schools) when obviously they will see both DAT attempts. Going back I sort of regret retaking but now whats done is done. Advice/thoughts would be so appreciated. Thank you guys so much.

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Every school has a cutoff for subsections, but I would contact them and ask about the QR score to see what they would suggest. I got a very similar QR score as you, but this last attempt I used Math Destroyer and DATBooster and it really helped me raise my QR score more than what I was expecting. Good luck!