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Hello. First off, I hope everyone and their families are doing well. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a major in Biology (minor in Communication Studies) on a Pre-Veterinary Medicine concentration. I am posting to the forum to get a sense of where I stand as an undergraduate sophomore student wanting to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

End of Sophmore Year GPA
Cumulative GPA:
Science GPA: 3.45
  • For some odd reason, I struggled with General Chemistry (Taken in trimesters (B+, B, B-)... total of 9 credits). Unfortunately, Gen Chem is hindering both my cumulative and science GPA. BUT I have gotten an A- and A(this semester) in Organic Chemistry.
  • Science classes: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cell Biology/ Organisms to Ecosystems
  • Rising Junior Classes: Genetics, Biochemistry, Physics, Phys Stats
Veterinary Experience: My concern for my veterinary experience is the lack of diversity. I have struggled to find different types of veterinary experiences. Having to pay for college, it can be difficult to take unpaid internships when I have loans to pay. For the upcoming school year, I will be working at an Equine Hospital.
1. Small Animal Emergency Center: 600 hours
2. Small Animal Day Clinic Internship: 500 hours

1. Working in my professor's research lab
2. Next summer opportunity: USDA veterinary research

Animal Experience/Volunteer
1. Horse Stable: 30 hours
2.Exotic Animal Experience (upcoming summer): Working with wolves, a bear, lion, lynx, cougar, etc.
  • Expecting to get about 200 hours interning here
3. Animal Shelter (1100 hours BUT they are from junior/senior year of high school and beginning of freshman year of college). Not sure if that is something I would put on my future veterinary application.
4. World Relief: (working first hand with refugees, helping them navigate a new life in the United States)
5. Crisis Hotline Counselor

Extracurricular Activities: All leadership positions but also making a genuine impact on campus.

1. Co-founder/President of Pre-Professional Club
2. President of Sierra Club
3. Executive Board Member of Boundless Health


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Nov 22, 2013
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You're honestly looking pretty good all the way around in general. You would be a decent candidate at my school.

I do suggest that you nail those upcoming science classes. Your science GPA is definitely on the low end for many schools and Bs will continue to drag it down.

Depending on what your last 45 GPA is and what your GREs will look like, you would be a well rounded candidate for a majority of schools.

Not sure if that is something I would put on my future veterinary application.

Put it on there. You lose nothing by having it on your application. If a particular school doesn't want to consider it, they simply won't.