Ross Clinical Rotations

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Jul 14, 2006
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For those who know about Ross University, do you generally get to choose where you place for clinical rotations? I am interested in attending school there but was wondering if I want to do my rotations in CA, is there much choice, or do they place you anywhere?


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Jul 4, 2003
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After you pass the USMLE 1, Ross will send you your complete (or partial) CORE clinical schedule. They will place you at anyplace where there is space.

After you recieve that schedule, you can try to contant your clinical advisor to change your schedule to fit your needs. Please realize that if you do that:

-You might have to wait for some time until you can get a spot at your prefered site.

-It might result in gaps in your core schedule (you can fill those with electives).

-It might delay your graduation time.

-Places like Kern require an application and an interview (over the phone).

My advice:

-Try to do ALL your rotations at ACGME sites that have a residency program in the field of your rotation.

-Make a personal appointment with your "clinical advisor" instead of trying to call or e-mailing him/her (Go to the Ross office in NJ). Let them know your preference in advance. Do not wait until they issue you the initial Core schedule.

-Electives on the other hand is totally up to you. You make up the elective schedule. Again try to stick with the ACGME thing.

In summary:

Given the huge number of students at Ross, "desired" sites fill up very quickly. It is difiicult for Ross to accomidate EACH AND EVERY student. Some "cilinial advisors" will give you a hard time if you try to change a rotation. Some will even refuse to change it. The trick is to notify them WELL IN ADVANCE of your preferences. If your 'clinical advisor" is giving you a hard time...stop calling him/her...and call someone else.

Good Luck.