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Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by breeze2baby, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. breeze2baby

    breeze2baby 5+ Year Member

    I have submitted my application to rutgers and they have received every document they required fom me since December 2006. Its a little disturbing that i haven't heard anything from them. I called them during the last week of february to check the status of my application but the guy i talked to didnt even seem to have a clue of how their scool of pharmacy admission works. Its really bad that their pharmacy school cannot take care of its business instead of letting the school's undergraduate admissions office handling it. So, is there any one here who knows whatup with this school and how its program works? I am an out of state applicant.
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  3. pmp85

    pmp85 5+ Year Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    Dirty Jersey
    Hey there,

    After spending my freshman and sophomore year ('03-'04) at Rutgers for undergraduate work, I can attest to it's disastrous state. The school is under a HUGE budget crisis similar to that of UMDNJ and the ENTIRE state of NJ.

    Simply put, I didn't even bother applying to Rutgers Pharmacy (I live in NJ and have been accepted to 2 other pharmacy schools already). The school is too large for its own good and as a result the administration tends to have a HUGE lag in processing anything. Not only is the paper-pushing absurd but so is the quality of education. As a consensus from recent graduates, it seems as though the quality of education is in a steep decline.

    Overall don't get me wrong, Rutgers is a very good school with TONS of money for research. However, if you're looking for immediate attention and organization Rutgers is not the place. Smaller/private schools yield better administration in my opinion.
  4. breeze2baby

    breeze2baby 5+ Year Member

    Thanks for your response, you have just confirm the position of this school in my book. Well, you are right, the school is too big. I thought the more, the merrier but i guess i was wrong.

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