Do It
Oct 25, 2009
I've read some threads here and other websites, and I'm really not sure.

My institute allows 2 S/U on courses (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory), which I assume are equivalent to Pass/Fail on other schools. I attend liberal arts college, and after this semester (sophomore semester), I will be done with all the prerequisites for medical school except Biochemistry.

So, here are my two questions:

1. I plan to take three sciences next semester (two with labs, other one just 6 hours/week lecture). I could take a fourth class, but I was wondering if I can take something that I am interested in and do S/U... This doesn't affect my GPA.


I read that some medical schools "recalculate" the GPA if they see S/U. Will they do this even after I have completed all the gen ed courses with a letter grade?

To add to that, let me again emphasize that whatever course I do S/U will NOT be a science course.

2. If I do that, I may end up pushing Biochemistry to my senior spring instead of junior spring. Is that bad if medical school admissions do not see Biochemistry in the transcript by the junior year?

Thank you!