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Pluck of all Plucks
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Oct 11, 2002
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Hi all,

Just wondering- do most of the Sackler M1's go home for the summer or do they stay and do stuff in Israel? I am an M1 in Chicago who is going to be in Israel (mainly Jerusaelm) this summer, and I have plenty to do, but I was wondering if "you" are staying and if you doing anything interesting. Also, when does your break start? I would love to come visit the school when M1's are in session. Also, if anyone who is staying and taking trips to europe over break please pm me- I'm curious about what you are organizing and how.


beyond all hope

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15+ Year Member
Dec 18, 2003
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I graduated from Sackler and I can tell you that most Sacklers go on vacation whenver they can. Very few stick around in Israel during the breaks: many go home, the rest go on vacation - and a lot of them are to Europe.

If you want to visit Sackler, contact the first years via their web page www.sacker2007.com. They seem like a pretty cool bunch. When I was a first year we invited the Ben Gurion folks over for a few days.
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