Scar Sheets?

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Jun 26, 2004
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Do the Scar Sheets advertised on tv actually work? I had knee surgery last summer and the scar is about 7-8 inches long and still red. I'm not very self-consious of it, I was mainly wondering if the $30 bucks they ask is going to do anything. If they do work, how well do they? :confused:


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The scar sheets are great for making a scar more flat (ie, flattening a keloid) but don't do as much for the redness. The sheet increases local blood flow to the area, which helps break down the excess collagen, at least as I've heard it. Only downside is that it takes a while, worn full-time for 6-8 weeks.

For the redness keep using sunscreen on it (scars burn easily) and the color should stabilize in 12-18 months. If it still drives you crazy at that point a dermatologic surgeon should be able to recommend a few laser-based approaches to reducing the redness.
Thanks zoolander! Sorry it me took so long to reply, I was on vacation. I've been using sun screen, but also breaking open vitamin e capsulses and spreading the goo over my scar. I think I will go pick up some scar sheets.

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