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May 16, 2010
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?range for a standard call schedule in fellowship

?most programs don't require an in house night float I hope

? Anyone know of progs with cush hours

I basically hated IM residency hours and would not continue on to fellowship if it required being an indentured resident for 3 more years

Trying to work as little as possible from now on. Yup. Don't hate. Thanks

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Far too variable to give a really good answer.

Your first year in fellowship will seem nearly as bad as being an intern again at most places. With the exception that most fellowships won't have you in-house overnight (but you might need to come in sometimes). I did 9 "wards" months during my first year of fellowship which was more than I did as an intern.

Call usually varies based on program size. Larger programs (like MSKCC) will have only first year fellows taking call. Some programs (like mine) will split it among all the fellows but may have a pyramidal system when the more senior fellows take less call than the junior ones.

In most truly academic programs, your heavy clinical responsibilities will be mostly done in the first year though so 2nd and 3rd year will be a much easier time.
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?range for a standard call schedule in fellowship

Trying to work as little as possible from now on. Yup. Don't hate. Thanks

I agree with gutonc 100 % but would clarify:

No program is any easier then any other. They are all difficult. It's more a matter of what type of work you will do. The community-oriented programs work you really hard with BS call and consult months, but don't pressure you with serious academic work. As you move up the prestige hierarchy, more is expected with respect to research and it becomes more difficult to double board.