Scheduling a 3rd year elective I'm not interested in?

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Jan 14, 2017
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So I may have the chance to schedule an elective (for late third year) at a hospital I really want to do my 3rd year rotations at. While I'm not interested in the field, it would probably help me just get my core 3rd year spot there? I'm pretty sure I'd be OK with still having ample time to do electives I would like to do, and plus I believe having this elective under my belt would just frankly be good experience. Would you guys advise for this or against this?


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    Mar 13, 2012
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    How would scheduling a late 3rd year elective at a site increase your chances of getting your 3rd year core there?

    It really depends. If you're planning for a field that requires a lot of auditions and is competitive, like something surgical on the AOA side, then I think it might be a bad idea, because you could use a late 3rd year elective as an audition.

    If not, or if you're applying ACGME to a field that you don't think you need to audition for, I see no reason not to schedule this elective if you think you'll want it in the long-run. Keep in mind though that you might not get to do your core there. Make sure you'd still be willing to go there for the elective even if its your only rotation there.