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School list advice


New Member
Jun 3, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all, if anyone could help me with a school list. Location wise I would prefer California, cities and nice natural areas nearby are a plus, but I dont want to be completely in the middle of nowhere. I am a CA resident, white male at a UC
GPA 3.88 MCAT 517 (131/125/131/130)

Activities (Im worried this might be my weakest point, as the strongest activities are not as recent)
- Volunteer for ambulance service about 300 hours
-Army EMT about 3000 hours. This included clinical work and emergency care
-Tutoring for stem classes about 400 hours
- Leader in student org 150 hours
- Lab 100 hours. Kinda got screwed over here, was there for a few months, couldnt stay most of the summer in university and they let me go...
-PS is really passionate, I feel like it explains why I want to be a doctor really well.
- 4 letters that I believe to be quite strong received, still waiting on 2 more.

here is my list so far. I would like to have 15-20 with a mix of top, mid, low. Open to suggestions for new schools and to take schools off.

In state
pretty much everything
Cal Northstate
Cal university science and med
Kaiser Permenente Tyson
Loma Linda
All of the UCs

out of state
Albert Einstein
Mayo Clinic Alix
University of Hawaii
University of Wisconsin Madison

Sorry if I forgot anything, let me know. Thanks!
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