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May 28, 2014
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Your best chances are texas schools - you have a pretty good shot at getting interviews at Baylor and/or UTSW.

For the OOS schools, you should shoot your shot, but it's really only worth applying to schools you would go to rather than the TX schools. Though your stats are exceptional, your activities are fairly cookie cutter (though very well rounded and not bad at all)- hard to predict how much love you'll get from your super top heavy list but you probably will snag a few interviews.

I would also continue getting more clinical experience.
Mar 22, 2020
you will definitely get love from TX schools , they love high GPAs especially. And I agree with the above poster. I'm in the cycle rn as a Texan with similar stats and EC hours and ended up applying to only like 5-7 OOS schools that were high ranked, that I felt I had strong mission/fit and got ghosted/rejected by all of them. Have had a successful TMDSAS cycle tho! Doesn't mean you're not a worthy applicant, but as a TX applicant you're kind of in a tricky spot - why should an OOS school accept you if you have cheap tuition at great schools in state?!

So for these OOS schools - either keep your list as long as it is and shoot your shot at a wide net or cut it down to the schools you care more about and save some money. I started with a lot of OOS schools like you, and ended up cutting out a lot of schools because I realized I didn't actually care for the location, wasn't motivated enough to write the secondaries (don't underestimate secondary burnout!) and couldn't justify the cost. Remember that it's not just the additional AMCAS fee, but also having to pay the secondary fee (which for a lot of these schools are $100+), send CASPER etc - it all adds up.

anyways: the TX schools are amazing, you have a shot at UTSW and Baylor for sure, apply early and you will do great!
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