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Apr 8, 2024
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1.cGPA: 3.80 sGPA: 3.78
2. MCAT: 504->506->509 (127 CP, 125 cars, 128 BB, 129 PS)
3. NJ resident
4. Southeast Asian
5. Undergrad: Biology major with Psychology minor
6. Clinical: 440 hours as nursing assistant, 230 hours scribing, 350 hospice volunteering
7. Research: 1000 hours in undergraduate with one poster, 230 hours in summer research internship at local medical school
8. Shadowing: rheumatology, pain management, vascular surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, 100 hours
9. Non-clinical volunteering: 100 hours through fraternity service events, 400 hours in assisted living facility, 100 hours in food donation program for underserved populations
10. leadership: 520 as fraternity president, 480 as president of organization that ran events to promote school's biology program
11. awards: deans list every sem except first sem (B- in one class, one of three B's in college), magna cum laude (pretty sure both of these implied by my GPA)
12. Other: graduated college may 2023, took mcat twice after graduating (first was beginning of senior year)

**please let me know if there any I should add/remove, looking to have 35-40 MD's and 15+ DO's***

School list MD:
1. Robert Wood Johnson
2. Cooper Medical School
3. Hackensack Meridian
4. Albany medical college
5. Lewis Katz (Temple)
6. Loma Linda University School of Medicine
7. Medical College of Wisconisn
8. Loyola
9. Indiana University
10. Robert Larner Vermont
11. Eastern Virginia
12. West Virginia
13. Geisenger
14. Michigan State
15. Wayne State
16. northeast ohio
17. Washington State University Elson S. Floyd
18. minnesota
19. george washingotn
20. kentucky
21. Rush
22. toledo
23. Drexel
24. New Jersey Medical School
25. University of Arizona Tuscon
26. Wake Forest
27. California Northstate
28. Quinnipac
29. penn state
30. NOVA Southeastern
31. Belmond Med School
32. Tulane
33. oakland beaumont

School List DO:
1. Western U/COMP
2. Rowan SOM
3. Kansas City University (KCU COM)
4. Phily Colege of Medicien (PCOM)
5. Touro Nevada (TUNCOM)
6. Campbell (CUCOM)
7. AT Still (ATSU KCOM)
8. Marian University College of Medicine (MUCOM)
9. NOVA Southeastern
12. Touro-NY
13. Des Moine COM

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Get your food distribution service orientation activity up to 150 minimum to avoid getting screened out. You could also get screened out since many schools will average your MCAT scores for screening.

As described, I'm trying to find reasons to issue an invitation to interview. Right now, nothing really stands out, though you have quite a number of hours with senior adults.
You have a good DO list. On your MD list remove California Northstate since they have accreditation issues. You have several state public schools on your list that admit few non residents with your stats and no connection to the state (West Virginia, Michigan State, Northeast Ohio, Washington State, Minnesota, Kentucky, Toledo, Arizona-Tucson). You could add these schools instead:
Rosalind Franklin
Wake Forest
Virginia Commonwealth
Alice Walton (when it opens)
Roseman (when it opens)