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Jul 7, 2016
Hello, I am a 21 yr old AA male from a top 20 undergrad institution. . I plan on applying to med school in the 2019-2020 cycle, but i am not convinced in the strength of my application. I made a similar post maybe a year ago and I was told to buckle down for the MCAT, I studied really hard and I did real well in my practice tests but in test day I think I got the jitters, I got a 515, I know its not a bad score but I really wanted to prove that if I had time to fully devote to my studies I could perform really well at med school. College has been very stressful and I was working 20+ hrs a week and I quit everything last semester to study for the MCAT and I dont know if a 515 is impressive enough. I am not sure if I can retake but if you guys think i need to i will.
But for right now i need help with a school list, I got the MSAR but I fall below the 10th percentile in GPA for most schools, so i dont know what to do.
GPA: 3.45
sGPA: 3.43
MCAT: not taken yet (update: 515)
clinical volunteering: ~100hrs
non clinical volunteering: ~800hrs
research: 1 semester cancer research, 1.5 year prison healthcare research, no pubs
shadowing: ~100hrs

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