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School List Help


New Member
Jun 28, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello everyone, I need some assistance in creating an appropriate school list for this upcoming cycle.


cGPA: 3.76, sGPA: 3.87

MCAT: 510 (128/126/126/130)

Residence & Ethnicity:

-New York, White

Clinical Experience:

-Gastroenterology-150 hours
-Cardiac Cath Lab-160 hours
-Interventional Radiology- 52 hours
-Pediatric ER- 30 hours
-Cardiac Unit- 95 hours
-Surgical Oncology- 60 hours

Skills Attained:
-Learned to analyze and interpret angiography of the coronary arteries & peripheral vascular system, cerebral angiograms, and 3-D reconstructive imaging relative to cerebral aneurysms.
-Bolstered interpersonal communication skills via conducting strategic patient interviews
-Developed fluidity in the capacity to learn in highly chaotic, fast-paced, and non-conducive environments

Research Experience:

Molecular Genetics Lab- 700 hours
-Completed over 50 Confocal microscope-based laser ablation experimental trials aimed at capturing the regenerative capacity of GFP-labeled sensory progenitor cells
-Demonstrated that a specific sensory progenitor cell type maintains a inherent regenerative capacity in successfully closing gaps created by laser ablation via the extension of long filopodia-bearing processes
-Developed and optimized a novel Confocal microscope-based laser ablation protocol that is highly specific, localized, and applicable to different cell types.

Publication: I am 1st author on a publication detailing a novel confocal microscope laser ablation and regeneration assay.

Presentation and Awards:
-National Conference-Society of Developmental Biology
-Undergraduate Research Showcase at my university-Awarded 1st place for best poster presentation


Motivational Speaker- 198 hours, 10 individual presentations
-Presented to audiences comprised of high school students, teachers, and hospital administration on what it takes to succeed in science-based undergraduate coursework, research, and clinical internships.
-Inspired students to become the best they can be through explaining how to develop unwavering dedication, strong will, and powerful belief.
-Optimized audience engagement, active participation, and critical thinking through the incorporation of dynamic PowerPoints.

Volunteer Experience:

Peer Mentor and Fitness instructor for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities-150 hours

- Aided the students in developing self-awareness, strong verbal communication, and presentation skills in classroom setting
- Guided students through workouts consisting of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and dynamic stretching
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