Aug 17, 2016
I'm non-traditional student applying to med school for 2017. I'm trying to put together a school lists to apply.
I'm doing research at school right now so I can't really put my research experience into the application.
So far I shadowed two doctors total of ~45 hours. I volunteer at soup kitchen about six years ago, but I don't know if that worth mentioning because it was while back (~150 hours). I'm volunteering at the hospital right now (~50 hours). I did an internship at a clinic (~200 hours). I had bad year when I attended school back in 2007-2008. without those grade my overall gpa is 3.83 and my science gpa is 3.71. but with my bad year eight years ago, overall gap drops to below 3.5 and science gpa little above 3.5. I took my MCAT two weeks ago, so I don't know what my score is but my practice ranged 500-505. I live in GA, so I'm planning to apply all schools in GA (4 schools). I'm planning to apply 15 medical schools. help me to put together school lists. Thanks