Schools know where else we've been accepted?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by tch001, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I got this e-mail today from AECOM, but I thought med schools wouldn't know this info until after May 15th? :confused:

    Dear Incoming Students:

    Spring is here, and hopefully, you're reaping the rewards of all your
    hard work and good deeds!

    As you might know, the Association of American Medical Colleges
    provides medical schools with the names of all the schools that our
    accepted students are holding.

    Some of you are holding many, many places! Although you have until
    May 15th to make up your mind, this email is being sent to you to
    encourage you to shorten down your list a bit on behalf of your
    friends and future colleagues who remain on wait-lists, hoping too,
    to hear good news !

    We sincerely hope that you have chosen Einstein as your first-choice
    school. However if for any reason you have changed your mind, and
    know for sure that you do not intend to hold your place here, we and
    your future colleagues, would appreciate your letting us know as soon
    as possible.

    If you have any questions at all, or would like to speak with a
    faculty member here at Einstein about your clinical or research
    interests, I hope you'll feel free to contact me.

    Best wishes for a very happy and healthy Spring!

    Dean Kerrigan
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    No the May 15 date is the date after which you may only hold one acceptance. So obviously there are going to be no other acceptances for your chosen school to know about then.
  3. crimsonkid85

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    schools already know. one school already called me and asked why they haven't heard from me in a while, if i was coming to revisit, and said that they knew i had some tough decisions... :eek:
  4. Doctor~Detroit

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    i think it's some time before march that schools that accept you can see where else you've been accepted.

    i think around mid-march all schools to which you've applied get this information.

    schools never know to which schools you've applied (unless you are also accepted).

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