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Jun 27, 2014
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If I dont complete my application and dont have any schools listed under, "Dental School Designations" will this cycles DAT score show up when I apply+retake the DAT in early summer 2015?

Thank you for any advice, very much appreciated


I found this:


Q: What information will NOT be carried over?

A: Letters of evaluation, DAT scores, payments, and your personal statement will NOT be carried over and must be resubmitted. In addition, there are fields on the ADEA AADSAS application which have changed or been added since last cycle which will NOT be filled in by the import. Applicants must go over ALL sections of the application and ensure these new sections are filled in.It will not necessarily be readily apparent from your application checklist that something is missing if the field is not required. DAT scores will carry over if you have previously had them sent to an ADEA AADSAS participating dental school since the 2010 application cycle, and your date of birth and DENTPIN as entered on the application match those being reported to ADEA AADSAS by the ADA."

Alittle confused if this means my scores would carry over or not? Sounds like if my application is incomplete and not submitted to any schools, then I retake it and dont "resubmit" my old score it wont be carried over?

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Aug 30, 2014
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I think your all schools will see your previous score and also the new score you get.
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