Schools Received AADSAS Application!!


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May 21, 2002

    Atlast the schools received the AADSAS application. I called yesterday, the following schools received my AADSAS application.

    UNC, UPenn, Columbia, University of Maryland, U. of Pittsburg.


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    Oct 17, 2000
    upstate ny
      Ok, I just called all the schools that I sent my supplemental fees to....and the ones that actually answered the phones said they haven't even opened them, or they won't look at them until September, and one school said we haven't received anything from AADSAS, and we haven't started working on next years class yet.

      Ok, I'm a little bit annoyed. Mostly because I want my checks to be processed right away, cause its easier to keep track of my money like you guys think that they'll process them anyways? But they just won't start our files yet or anything....

      Again, Big props to UOP, for sending me that letter stating they received my money, and this means that my application has started in their office.

      Ok, off to study.


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      Jan 2, 2002
        I sent checks to 14 schools
        only usc and uop sent me letters indicating that they have received my money.
        Other schools didnt even cash my checks.

        It make it really difficult to keep track my account
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