Science teacher looking for advice, low sGPA.


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Jan 18, 2019
So I am currently about to enter my fourth year of teaching (entered through TFA) in North Carolina.
ECs in college: Leadership in college band (led 400+), worked as an EMT during the summers, Medical honor societies.
Post college: Teach for America: High School Science, HOSA Club advisor, school leadership positions, medical volunteer.

ECs are pretty good, so I am mainly worried about my GPA (particularly my sGPA). I am also worried about getting science faculty letters as it has been a while since I talked to my professors. Normal recommendation letters are no problem at all.

I graduated in 2017 with a degree in Biochemistry.
GPA: 3.59(9) that third 9 hurt when I saw it.
sGPA: 3.28

I got mostly A's and B's in science and math except for:
Calc 2 - C
OChem 2 - C+
Biochem 2 - C+
Physiology - C+ (don't ask)

I have yet to take the MCAT but, as I am teaching, plan to take it around January. Aiming for a 513+ (based on Goro's advice).

Should I just do a DIY post-bacc to try and improve the sGPA and bring my GPA up above a 3.6? Or should I be aiming for an SMP? (SMP may be hard as I want to continue to teach.)
The university I am near has a general post-bacc (not medical related) that lets you take both graduate and undergrad courses. I know the general consensus is not to retake C's, but I plan to retake physiology at least. What about the others?

Summary question: What should I do to be competitive for MD schools in general?
UNC is my "state school" but let's be realistic here, I am nowhere near competitive for UNC SOM.


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Sep 15, 2012
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A DIY post-bacc is fine and take only undergraduate level science courses. You do not need to retake a C course in Calculus. As long as your MCAT is 500 you would be competitive for at least 15 DO schools that I know of. If your MCAT is 508 or higher you could receive MD interviews.
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