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Jan 23, 2005
hey.. quick q, wonder if you can help me out..

i go to a US med and i applied for prelim medicine this year, but anticipate that if i do not end up at one of the prelim med spots i ranked, then i would rather scramble for a prelim surg spot. the reason is because there seems to be more avaliable unfilled prelim surg spots in the cities i like. also, i really did enjoy my surgery rotations and despite all the scut comments of prelim surg, part of me feels i would rather do that than round all day in medicine wards.

anyways, so my q is..... how does scrambling for prelim surgy work? what happens in the scramble? do you have to get a copy of your ERAS application, transcript application, to fax to the programs?

also, is a letter of recommendation from a surgeon necessary for the scramble?