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Nov 14, 2006
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The V/S are listed on the door, I know that. Are they ever useful - i.e., would you ever need to record "normal" V/S for your note?

Also, can you write things down while you're interviewing pts (e.g., meds) or is that a pointless, unnecessary waste of time.

Finally - can you see the "door information" when you're writing your final note or do you only get one look at it.




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Jun 15, 2005
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Always record "vitals normal" or abnormal vitals

You get paper, pen, and clipboard to write notes. However, whether you take notes or not depends on your memory and what you are used to. The less notes you take the better, so you can make more eye contact with the patient.

You can look at the door info when writing note. If you write down age and vitals, you won't need to look at it again.

There are downloadable videos on the USMLE site for Step 2 CS that I recommend you watch as some of your questions are covered in them...and may answer other questions.


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Oct 15, 2005
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For the most part VS on the door are gonna be normal. I guess you can write VS normal on the note if that's the case. Just check the door to see if anything is abnormal, and then on the note write something like BP of 176/92 noted for the vitals.
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