Scribeamerica while studying for MCAT

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May 10, 2019
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So I will be interviewing with Scribeamerica soon, and while I am happy to possibly have an opportunity to scribe, I am also studying for the MCAT that I plan to take in early July. In terms of content knowledge, I don't have much left to do since I've already read the Kaplan books for the science subjects and the KA 300 pg doc for psych (although I read this last summer so I don't remember everything), and I'm spending this month reviewing the material from Kaplan science books using the miledown review sheets and rereading the 300 pg doc. I plan on finishing content review by the end of May and spend all of June practicing taking the test as well as practicing cars. I heard scribeamerica is pretty serious on availability and I'm afraid that telling them that I would rather start training in July after the MCAT might hurt my chances of getting the job. At most, I can start training and working part time while studying for the MCAT, but I know that as soon as I am done with the test I can start working full time for a year.

For those of you who have scribed for Scribeamerica, is it easy to manage scribing and studying for the MCAT?

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If you can fit in 3-4 hours of studying a day, then there shouldn't be any problem balancing it with scribing. All of this depends on where you're at so far with studying, how high of a score you want to achieve, and how much you will be scribing.

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I work at scribeamerica currently and study about 5 hours a day and review anki cards while at work. If you're just starting however you might need to focus more on the job initially until you're capable of being aware when you have down time to study. Hope that helps!
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