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Jun 17, 2014
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Back in 09/2006, @mshheaddoc had requested to create a comprehensive sticky containing online resources pertaining to various healthcare topics. This project is noteworthy since many forums on SDN have several threads that actively discuss contemporary healthcare issues, so having a general collection of links will be useful for anyone interested to know more about these topics at hand.

Unfortunately, the last response in the project was from 09/2011. With permission from SDN Volunteer Staff, I have decided to revive the project and establish a detailed framework for the list of links I found. I also used many of the links from the previous thread while eliminating dead and outdated links. This thread will be regularly updated with new links and categories (especially for other healthcare professions like dentistry, optometry, pharmacy etc.)

The collection is arranged as the following:

General Healthcare Information

Official sites are usually one of the most reliable places to acquire and understand healthcare information.
Health News

This category can be divided into two groups: news for general audience and news for healthcare providers.

General News
Healthcare Provider News
Medical Research Journals

The MEDLINE/PubMed Resources Guide is the standard resource for finding research articles. QxMD has an app called Read by QxMD that allows you to read research articles from journals of your choice on the go (available on Android, iPhone, and iPad).

Nevertheless, some popular medical journals are listed below for your reference:

The online resources below examine various ethical issues in healthcare and provide case studies to have a sharper insight.
History of Medicine

The following resources are divided into two categories: history of diseases and history of specialties.

History of Diseases
History of Specialties
Healthcare Policy

The widely recommended book to learn about healthcare policy is Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach, Seventh Edition by Thomas Bodenheimer and Kevin Grumbach.

Free online resources can be categorized as the following:

General Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Reform
Health Economics

A good place to start exploring and learning about health economics is reading Kenneth Arrow's groundbreaking 1963 research article Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care.

The subcategories include:

General Health Economics
Health Insurance
I hope you find this useful! I will continue updating this thread with more resources.

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Good stuff! Thank you for this awesome list! Definitely helps for interviews. :)
April Update: several major updates and restructuring changes made; expanded the History of Medicine section to focus on History of Diseases (more links will be added) and History of Specialties (to correspond to the specialties in the Physician/Resident Forums). Some specialties don't have links yet but will be added soon. I will also add other categories such as Public Health and Health Technology.

Admittedly, the collection is focused primarily on medicine due to my limited knowledge of other healthcare fields, but I'll expand the collection to be more comprehensive once I have a better understanding. As always, feel free to PM me on what you find and I'll add it to the thread. Thanks!
Thanks for this comprehensive list! It's pretty amazing. Thanks for keeping it updated too. It's appreciated!
This is so useful. That you so much!