Sep 20, 2010
Just finished searching the forums for answers but still puzzled on what I should do. I graduated from Ohio State last year with a B.S. in Microbiology, but my gpa has hindered me from even being competitive for Masters/Post-bacc. I'm interested in becoming a CRNA and was wondering how I should go about pursuing my goal. I know BSN is necessary, so would it be wise to go back and get a second bachelors degree in Nursing. How do I even apply for schools with such a low gpa, is their a program that allows graduates a chance to get a another degree without a gpa requirement. Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks!!!
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Oct 5, 2010
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Just how low is your GPA?

I applied for a second bachelor degree (several years ago now) because I wanted to change fields. In the end, I decided that it was a waste of money to do a whole second bachelors rather than pick up prereqs and apply for a masters. GPA matters... if you're applying out of high school, they look at high school GPA and SAT scores to see if you have the potential to do well in college. If you've already completed your bachelors program, and didn't do well, that's not good. BUT depending on the program, you can sometimes make an argument for being older and more serious now... the very fact that you are considering putting in the effort for a second bachelors degree probably says something good about you.

There are some programs which are not very selective, and if you make a well-reasoned argument for why you did poorly before, and why you think you'll do better now, you'll get in. Contrary to popular belief, some colleges actually have a hard time filling spots.


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Oct 23, 2008
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Since you're interested in CRNA you probably are going to have to do a second bachelor's to get your BSN as that's a pre-req degree for the CRNA. However, you'll most likely be able to complete that in 2 - 2.5 years as you will only need to do the nursing related classes. With a BS in microbiology you likely already meet many of the science requirements, but many BSN programs require other random classes like nutrition. Inquire at the schools you are interested in and perhaps you can even knock a class or two out of the way while you are applying by taking it at your local community college or 4-year university as BSN programs aren't picky. You don't say how low your GPA is, but hopefully you won't have much trouble gaining entrance into a BSN program. FYI, many CRNA programs require some nursing experience in critical care prior to matriculation so you'll be making use of that BSN!