Secondaries - got one, but really confused



I just got a secondary from Dartmouth (July 17).
However, I am confused because my AMCAS application is in line to be verified, it hasn't been verified, so nothing should have been transmitted (submitted app on July 3rd, everything received by July 11 (transcripts), active beginning 15th).
So how did I get one? Anyone know. The secondary is dated 15th, so is it possible that Dartmouth starts sending soon as the app becomes active. I am hoping this is the reason, and so a lot of you should be getting this secondary too - good luck.



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Feb 7, 2002
amcas probably sent your name and address. dartmouth doesn't screen, so they don't need your complete file. they are just asking for your money and your letters. interviews are a different story. don't expect to get any invites until your application has been transmitted and reviewed.

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