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Secondary Help


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Jul 20, 2003

    One of the questions on my secondary application asks about what scientific advances, or what societal changes, within the last 12 months will change the practice of medicine.

    I am stuck on this question. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.



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      That's a tough question for a pre-med. I'd recc going to news websites like abcnews.go.com, msnbc.com, cnn.com and clicking on their health and science sections. They frequently pick up topics that are published in the big medical journals (JAMA, New England Journal, etc) and publish the ones that really significant or have mass appeal (ie are "sexy" topics). One good article that you can find in abcnews.go.com right now is an article summarizing the results of a new article in JAMA suggesting that death rates are linked to nursing educational levels, and you can discuss how this interplays with the current shortage of nurses. You can find other more complicated topics as well on any of those websites or by checking http://www.nejm.org periodically for new publications. Here are some links to articles you might find helpful. Remember to try to sound too "arrogant" or one sided in your answer if you are writing about a controversial topic too. You shouldn't have very strong opinions about medical research right now because you probably don't understand the full implications of a lot of them unless you already have a background in medicine.

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