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For those of you hopeless romantics, I thought I would let everyone know of a way to spice up your love life for V-day (if you are either in a relationship or have a secret crush) with the following site: :love:

Have fun! :laugh:

From a Secret Admirer

Whose gift this is you cannot know.
My heart is in your keeping though.
You will not mind my writing here
To tell you that I love you so.

I know that you must think it queer
For me to love and not come near
But linger by some frozen lake
This most romantic time of year.

I sometimes give my head a shake
And ask if there is some mistake.
It's lonely out here 'mid the sweep
Of bitter wind and icy flake.

My love for you is dark and deep,
But it's a promise I will keep
As from afar I watch and weep,
As from afar I watch and weep.

Spok (from Star Trek) receives a Valentine's Day card from a secret admirer

Top Ten Signs Your Secret Admirer is Nuts

10. Every day the words 'Be Mine' are freshly mowed into your lawn

9. His last letter ended, 'If you won't be my Valentine, will you at least be my alibi?'

8. There's something trying to get out of one of the chocolates

7. To impress you, he attempts to assassinate funnyman Arte Johnson

6. Sends you love poem: 'I'd like for you and I to date, `cause you're so much prettier than my cellmate'

5. Says he'll meet with you as soon as the standoff with the FBI is over

4. He somehow manages to write you a 30-page love letter that only uses the word 'pancakes'

3. Her name is Linda and she's one happenin' lady

2. He's convinced Hillary won't notice if you move into the Lincoln Bedroom

1. He thinks O.J. is innocent