Seeking gap year advice for graduating senior

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For the past few weeks I have been trying to weigh out my options for what to do after graduation. I am a senior chemistry major at an out of state university (CA resident -> UNR) who never really thought about going into med school until last semester. For this I am pretty behind in terms of experience, MCAT, and research.

Really the only thing I have going are:
cGPA:3.81 and sciGPA:3.93
a few shadowing experiences with an opthalmologist,
1 semester worth of work as a pharmacy tech at CVS, (my understanding is that this doesn’t really count as clinical experience, so I was not going to include this on my application)
Dissection assistant for the instructional anatomy lab(lead by a TA)

I have been thinking about mostly two options below. I am trying to figure out which could be the best path for me or if both these plans suck and I should try and go do something else.

Option 1:
Staying in Reno.
I have recently looked into getting a biology degree along with my chemistry degrees but that would require me to stay in Reno for an extra semester delaying my gradution to next fall. This would allow me to take an EMT course next spring and work in reno as an EMT and get further shadowing experiences with the physicians here. I would also possibly get the opportunity to become a TA for the instructional anatomy labs that I stated above. I may also have a research position coming to me shortly which I could continue with.

Option 2:
Moving back to CA.
I have researched into masters studies in biomedical imaging at UCSF. This I am particularly interested in since I took a NMR Spectroscopy class last semester which ended up being my most favorite class in all of undergrad. My understanding that imaging techniques and machines used in the medical world are similar to that in chemstry and physics. That application would be opened mid November and due sometime this winter most likely. IF i get accepted, possibly look into getting an EMT license for CA and find a position in the city, or a scribe position and shadowing opportunities there. I imagine that there are more opportunities there than in Reno.

Regardless of both of these options, I am planning to take the MCAT during this summer while my undergrad knowledge is still fresh in my mind.

So my question would be which of these two should I do? Both seem like great options for me, but I am not sure what would be more beneficial to my application. I am already planning to apply two or three years out of graduation. So I am really needing direction and guidance for what to do with this time.

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My 2c... it doesn't necessarily matter where you go (Reno vs. CA). You need a solid MCAT, sustained clinical experience (look for direct interaction with patients), more shadowing outside of ophthalmology (especially in primary care), and service to the underserved and/or people who come from a background different than your own.
Your GPA is fine and another degree will not help you as much as these experiences will. I would say take one to two full years to work on these experiences before applying.
Thanks DrHart, Should I wait until the year I apply to take the MCAT or is it acceptable to take it this summer still? How many physicians do people normally shadow?