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Mar 30, 2005
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Hey guys I wanted to seek your advise on weither or not to use Kaplan for Step I of the USMLE. I am just worried its a lot of material in those books to be covered in 6-7 weeks and might get lost with all the reading. Did you guys use the organ based books and did you get through all of them? Thanks for the advice.

PS sorry I know you guys are talking about USMLE II but everyone in the step one forum is lost like me about weither or not to invest the money for these books, so I thought I'd ask the veterans who went through it already. :p

PSS I know its good to get the BRS review books, high yield, first aid, q bank etc but I also would like some structure versus jumping around in books, meaning is it safe to follow Kaplans book completly through and as mentioned earlier is there enough time.
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