Self studying for physics and orgo

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Jul 11, 2021
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Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice on how I should self study for orgo 1&2 and physics 1&2 in 6 months for the MCAT?

I took orgo 1&2 and physics 1&2 online at a cc during the pandemic. My tests for both classes were open note so I truly remember nothing.

I plan on taking the MCAT in April and applying in the 2024 cycle. Currently, I do one Kaplan chapter for one topic per day (not including cars and p/s) supplementing with the anking deck as a 5 day per week schedule. This gives me 3 months for content review and 3 months for uworld/aamc.

The problem I’m running into is studying for orgo and physics is taking up a lot of time and it’s way harder than I thought it would be. Sometimes it takes me 2 or even 3 days for 1 chapter which is making me fall behind my schedule and feel pretty stressed.

On top of that I am also doing research and taking classes (I’m a psych major tho so it’s not a crazy hard course load). Is there anyway I can be more efficient with my studying?

I’d really appreciate any tips or resources on how I can best tackle this. Thanks!

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I'm a huge proponent of chads prep for MCAT science
When you get to a topic that you don't understand based on the kaplan material, I'd look it up on khan academy. This is what I did for a lot of bio and biochem stuff and I found it super helpful.