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Mar 17, 2000
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I posted this in the Allopathic forum, but I thought maybe, you guys would have more insight as international medical students, as I am. What is your opinion of taking a semester off? Do you think it affects you in the future, regarding residencies, etc.? There is one guy in my class who is doing it to study for the USMLE. Do you think this is good reason?
Thanks a lot!


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Jan 2, 2001
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I don't think it would affect much...just timing. If he's taking a semester off, would he not have to complete that semester before taking the 2nd semester classes? Would that not mean taking a whole year off? I don't think it's regarded negatively or anything. Actually at some places (like RCSI in Dublin), those taking the USMLE are given a bit of time off research/coursework to study. It's a valid reason, i think.


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Jan 23, 2002
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Man, at my school guess how many graduate in time? 3%

That should answer your question. :)

Leorl, at least at my school every class is offered every semester. So you wouldn't lose a whole year. I'm actually set to be a winter graduate (so far I'm in the lucky 3%).

For USMLE purposes, I'm sad to say I believe it would pay off to take 6 months off to study. According to some, that's all PDs care about. Hmmm, life is unfair sometimes.......
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