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May 26, 2002
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I've sent in my 2003 AMCAS to a bunch of new schools, but I left off the ones I was waitlisted at, I was worried that perhaps if they got the 2003 it would lower my chances of getting in 2002? But now that it's getting late, should I just go ahead? Has anyone gotten off the wait list at a school after sending in the next year's AMCAS?




I know someone in my M'05 class who was accepted off the Tufts waitlist a few days after she submitted her application, and someone else on SDN who never posts on here anymore got into MCV 2 days after filing the AMCAS last year. I would send your AMCAS to both schools you are waitlisted at and schools you were not around August 1 since movement tends to slow in August. I had my 3rd AMCAS ready to go during the second week of July last year and my mom told me to hold off for a week since you never know what could happen. I then was pulled off the WL at 2 schools during the 3rd week of July. You just never know. Good luck in any case, and if you get in after submitting your application it is relatively easy to get your money back.
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