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Jul 14, 2006
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This is how I feel after receiving my mid-220’s step1 score. Radiology is one of my top choices for residency and now I feel as though I may not have a chance. I always hear how ultra-competitive the programs are and how 240's are the standard. Training in a top-tier school is of no interest to me, but I would still like a decent residency. I am a 50%/50% H/HP the first year and virtually all HP student second year (Top 35% of class overall). I should have at least one publication by the time I apply, although not in radiology. I still have third year ahead of me and am going to work hard as well as try and write step II, but we will see. Am I overly concerned? I apologize, I know people hate these threads, just looking for advice of those that have been through the process.



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Jul 15, 2002
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Relax! Apply broadly, if you apply to 50 programs or soo you will have 15+ interviews. Radiology is a lot of individual learning and as long as call is not to crazy you can become a good private practice radiologist at any program. You need time to read and can always learn the zebras through the 1000s of cases on the internet and ACR. What you learn in residency is how to be efficient and how to think. The actual knowledge can be obtained anywhere. This is not to say all programs are equal some programs definetly make life easier. Good luck!
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Dec 8, 2003
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Seriously, you still have a shot, and there's still time. 240 may be the standard at MIR but if your portfolio is strong enough and you're a nice guy you will place at a community program. Try and do everything you can vis-a-vis good letters, maybe try and do some rads research - pump out a rads-themed abstract, if not a first-author paper - to improve your standing, but if you apply broadly you have a very decent chance. Don't forget that while third year is hectic at times, if you care enough about the field to go the extra mile, people will notice that.

Excel in your clinical clerkships, they're the most important of all. Do an audition elective or three at radiology programs you like and which you have a shot at getting into. Oh, and kick ass on your Step 2.

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