Should I apply next cycle? (DO)

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Sep 15, 2018
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Current Junior @ top tier university
Cumulative GPA: 3.69
Science GPA: 3.31
ECs: President of a service-based organization, member of PhiDE pre-medical fraternity, ~50 hrs shadowing, research assistant in a psych lab and a derm chart review, volunteering trip (non-medical), working as a waitress

Weaknesses are definitely science GPA and shadowing hours, and that’s my focus for this semester. I’m a biochem major (so I have many more science classes headed my way!) and Orgo 2 crushed my GPA (I got a B-).

I’ve yet to take the MCAT, but plan on this January. I want to do family medicine or primary care and I think osteopathic school is right for me.

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With a 505+ mcat I think you’d be fine for next cycle but shadow a DO for a LOR
You should accumulate 200+ hours of clinical volunteering before you apply. As long as your MCAT is 500 or higher you should receive interviews at some DO schools if you apply broadly. Post your score here in the future.