Should I apply this cycle or wait another year

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Feb 17, 2024
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hey there I am a non-trad student and wanted some advice on whether or not to apply this upcoming cycle. I'm currently in my third gap year (graduated '21) but it's starting to feel like I'll never consider myself competitive enough to apply. since graduating, I was working at a biotech company doing some lab work, but I started a DIY-postbacc this past fall. I'm planning to apply broadly to both MD and DO, so I'll list some of my stats:
  • uGPA (prior to postbacc): 3.4
  • post-bacc gpa: 4.0
  • cgpa: 3.5X (could get up to a 3.6 if i take another 12-15 credits)
  • clinical hours: ~100
  • showing: >100
  • nonclinical hours: >200
  • research: ~2000 (if the biotech work counts)
I am going to be volunteering at the hospital next month, so I'll be around 150-200 clinical hours when I apply. I haven't taken the MCAT yet, but my goal is to aim for a June/July test. Would that be too late for MD apps? Assuming I was scoring around my goal score on my FLs, I was planning to apply to 1 school to ensure verification went through. I also have ties to Florida. Is it worth applying this cycle with my stats or should I wait another year to get more hours?

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