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should I apply this cycle?


Full Member
Jan 12, 2020
Portland, Oregon
taking the CASPER 6/30 and my MCAT on 7/23, will get my MCAT score back 8/6 and have been pre-writing secondaries and plan to knock out a ton during the 7/23 - 8/6 window.

Is getting my MCAT score back 8/6 too late?

I already submitted my primary to be verified to a throwaway school. Ideally I don't want to submit my primary to schools until after I receive my MCAT (just in case it is bad and don't wanna be considered reapplicant next year), but should I submit to schools before the 7/10 release date just to have my name in the queue and then see how my MCAT goes? Or should I wait till after I get my MCAT on 8/6 to submit my verified primary to schools (if my MCAT is good enough)?
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Nope, not too late. But do not apply until you have your score.

It's OK to apply without a score to a throwaway school to get verified.

Please spread the word.

If I summit my application now, but decide to discontinue the application due to low MCAT score in August. When I apply next cycle, does it count me as a reapplicant?
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Jul 26, 2009
The Big Bad Apple
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This cycle is so atypical and delayed that I think that if you are complete before Oct 1 at most schools, there will be no impact from “Lateness” on your chances. I would guess we are going to see at least a good 25% or more of interview invites go out after Thanksgiving well into the new year with interviews running into next March if not a few in April.

getting a good MCAT is much more important than any timing issues
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