Jul 22, 2020
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Hi everyone!
so I took the OAT last week after studying for almost 3 months and let's just say my scores did not come out how I envisioned. Ts 290 AA 290 QR:270/RC:300/BIO:300/GC:300/OC:290/PHY:270
I was really hoping for a higher OAT score to weigh out my lower GPA; cGPA: 2.95 sGPA: 3.10.
My question is; should I apply this 2020-2021 cycle and let schools know I will retake the OAT again in 3 months or should I just wait till the next cycle to apply early? Would schools look at my GPA and my current OAT score and just laugh if I apply with these scores? although, I really don't want to wait another year to apply.. but if that means I have no chance of getting into any schools with my current stats then I rather not waste my time applying just to get rejected.
So should I apply this round and let schools know I plan on retaking the OAT (in hopes that I do better) or should I just retake it and apply super early next cycle?
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