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Should I attend the UW Seattle pharmacy program?


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5+ Year Member
Jan 14, 2015
    Even though UW Seattle is listed one of the top 10 pharmacy schools in the nation.

    I am thinking about becoming a pharmacist, but there are so much news and information about the pharmacy saturation as of right now. Is it still worth to go to pharmacy school?
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    Apr 4, 2013
    1. Pre-Pharmacy
      We can't tell you what to do. I am an process scientist right now and as much as I want to leave, I am still thinking about the job market you know? But sometimes, the money does matter and the job market does. We can't predict what the future will need in terms of pharmacist? I personally think they will out-source most of the pharmacist jobs in the future but that is me(kind of what they are doing in the chemistry industry). When i got out as an chemistry major out of college, it was hard to get employment without experience. All I will tell you that if you like where pharmacy is heading and do not mind spending the money then make the investment. BUT make sure you get internships while you are in pharmacy programs. And see which fields you like the most. Anyways I hope I helped.


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      Aug 2, 2011
        I would choose computer science or go to a coding bootcamp instead. There is a huge shortage of computer programmers right now, especially in the Seattle area. You can easily earn six figures while enjoying much better job prospects and work conditions without having to take out $200k+ in loans and spend another 4 years of your life in school.


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        Feb 2, 2013
        1. Pharmacist
          You have to think about more than just the school ranking when it comes to choosing a school. You have to factor in cost of living, tuition, internship opportunities, etc. UW is a great school but the cost of living in Seattle + tuition is pretty high so you are going to have to take out max loans or live outside of Seattle and commute to Seattle (good luck with traffic)
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