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Sep 16, 2002
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Hi all.. just got my scores.. the free way... see the earlier thread!

Anyway, I first took the mcat in august 2001... and i got

9V, 8P, 10B, Q

On the August 2002, I got:

10V, 10P, 9B, O

THE "O" is what pisses me off!!! I can't believe it!
How bad is that decrease on the essay?????????

and how bad is dropping by 1 on bio?!?!?!??!


Hi Dr_Phil and welcome to SDN!

First of all, congrats on your mcat score.

you dropped by one in ur biology section but u also improved in other sections, most school will consider the total mcat score, depends on where u are applying. also the writing is not as relevant as the score itself so dont stress too much about it. apply to many middle and low tier schools, and just consider retaking just in case,

good luck!
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