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Jan 31, 2014
Physical Therapy Student
I'm getting ready to apply to the DPT program for the second time. I think my rejection stems from not having enough observation hours. Though I had many hours due to work experience, I think they wanted me to have visited more sites and I'm fixing that.

However, I noticed that a lot of volunteer experience has been short term. Some of them because they were just one time assignments (sorting cans, captain of breast cancer fundraising team, registration person at canned food event, etc) and others were because I just couldn't keep it in my schedule. For example, I was a volunteer at a free medical clinic for about two months but then I started working weekends. Then I started volunteering as an adult literacy tutor and I did that for three weeks and although I enjoyed it, I kept getting called into work and having to cancel so I had to give it up to continue working.

Should I include it? I don't want to look like I just randomly did things to look good on my application. I just have bills to pay and kids to feed so it was difficult to volunteer long term.

Thanks for any help.



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Oct 5, 2010
Physical Therapist
I guess I would only include very short term things if either a) they were related to PT in anyway or 2) you don't have any other volunteer stuff.