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Jun 29, 2008
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So I got a LOR from my biochem professor this last quarter. She's really nice and I'm sure (hoping?) it was a good letter. The letter is done and sent in to a letter-filing service.
Now...should I still go out of my way keep in touch with her? I already have research jobs and won't be taking another class from her. I personally find it awkward to try to prolong the relationship for the purpose of prolonging it. She's a great professor but I am not really the type to sit in her office and just chat for fun.


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Sep 7, 2006
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I was going to send an email when I get my acceptance. Sounds like proper etiquette to me.


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Sep 17, 2007
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well, I wouldn't keep in touch with her just b/c of recommendation letter. That's what they're meant for. They know they need to write a letter, and then that's it. Its like they disappear.
The people who will be writing letters of recommendation are the ones who will be keeping in touch with me/vice versa. One is the dean of one of my university's college (his son and I are friends) and my research mentor who's lab I've been with since freshmen year. Those will naturally have "relationships" with me. As for prolonging it just for the sake of she writing you a LOR, may become awkward to a point.
However, what you should do is send cards/email during holidays, etc. Pay her a visit some time in the future, just say "hi" or something. no need to go out of your way to keep in touch.
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