Dental Should I pass/fail in non-preq STEM classes?

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Dec 25, 2016
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Hi! I'll be applying for dental schools this cycle and so far I'm pretty happy with my GPA I currently have a 3.957. This semester I'm really stressed out because of COVID depression so my grades in two of my non-pre-req STEM classes (Calc 2 and Analytical Chemistry) slipped a bit. I'm looking at B/B+ in both of those classes (7 credits together) which isn't terrible but it definitely will affect my GPA. I still have As in my other classes this semester (8 credit). So my question is: should I go for a pass/fail option for those classes and will it hurt my dental school applications?

My top choices are Harvard, Penn, Boston
Keep the grade. A B/B+ isn't going to kill your app and it shouldn't drop your GPA too much. Having some classes with grades and others with P/F in the same semester will definitely stick out like a sore thumb and lead schools to think you were trying to hide something (like C's). Stick with grades.

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It won't matter, and B's aren't going to hurt you. I don't know for sure, but I would not take the risk of P/F in case there are some faculty members that equate a Pass with a C in their heads (even though they aren't supposed to be doing this).
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